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Tyler Horan

I build adaptable websites that connect people. I connect your organization to social systems online and use behavioral modeling to predict how people will engage with your site.

I've spent my life researching and building these connections. I understand how people's activity online can be shaped and directed. I work at the intersection of Data Science, Engineering and Social Network Analysis.


Engineering is just the tip of the iceberg


Chief Technology Officer

By tapping into the demand for international students in Australia, I constructed a platform that provides opportunities for universities to connect with prospective students through interest-based messaging and content delivery.

Developed from the ground-up, the platform connects university related content from across the web to a consolidated resource on the site, curating an interactive process of university enrollment.


Chief Technology Officer

By providing monetary and social connections between on-demand workers and corporate employers, Flinja creates an opportunity network that bridges the transition between tertiary education and corporate employment in the United States.

Core site fuctions were improved drastically by algorithmic presentation of content on the site member's dashboard, matching of service providers to companies and predictive modeling of future service demands.


Chief Technology Officer

By tapping into the market for online education in the United States, Ranku provides a leveling-ground for prospective students to find quality information about universities and colleges with online-only programs.

As the first site to connect regional employment data to outcome-based evidence of online programs, Ranku was ground-breaking for online marketing of educational programs.


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